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5 Things I want to Help My Audience With

Aug 31, 2020 | About

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My blog exists to help encourage new and expectant moms on their journey through motherhood when you’re in the middle of figuring it all out.

1. Empower new moms who feel overwhelmed

I remember when I was a brand new mom. I was lost, overwhelmed, and hoping that I was doing the right things.

All my family lives across the country, so it wasn’t like I could pop over to my parents house and ask for help. I had to figure it out, like so many other moms do.

I want to encourage new moms who may feel overwhelmed, or like they don’t know what they are doing. I believe all new moms feel that way in one way or another.

It’s the beauty and burden of learning something completely new. There is nothing quite like figuring out parenting and motherhood for the first time.

You just hope that you’re doing things mostly right. That you keep your little one fed and happy. I mean, that’s all we can really do in those early days.

I think with the advent of social media, staying in our own lane can feel hard. What I mean is, we feel tempted to compare ourselves to other moms or our friends, or our family members. Like they must have it all figured out.

But what I’ve found when you pull back the “curtain” is that most moms are just figuring it out as they go. And that’s perfectly okay.

2. Provide helpful posts for new and expectant moms

I remember when I was pregnant and awaiting the arrival of my firstborn. I tried to soak in as much knowledge and advice from blog posts.

However, I found that there was SO MUCH advice online, that I didn’t know what was “right” or “best”. There was a whole lot of opinions out there.

What I have come to find is that there are no absolutes in motherhood. Parenting is a hard thing. I don’t think there’s just one way of being a mother. Sure, there are basics like feeding and changing your baby’s diaper, but even then, you’ll find some conflicting information.

My philosophy when it comes to motherhood and parenting is to do what works for you and your family. Don’t worry about the opinions of others, because trust me there will be opinions. But no two babies are alike. No two kids are alike. Each one is uniquely made and there is no cookie cutter solution to raising good humans.

Imagine if there were, life would certainly look different. I’m here to share posts of different options, based on my own experience and the experience of other moms. I truly believe that moms can thrive in motherhood when they find what works best for them and not worrying about what someone else is doing.

3. Recommend only the best products for moms

So if you’re an expectant mom, you know how many products there are for babies. If you’ve been a mom for a bit, you know how many products there are for toddlers. And if you’ve been a mom for a long while, you know how many products there are for kids.

There’s a whole lot of stuff out there being marketed to us as moms. I’m here to weigh in on what has worked for me and my family. I’m also here to share if there was a product I didn’t like or didn’t work for us, but could work for you.

Like I said, Hey Mama Friend is here to provide options and avenues for motherhood and parenting. I don’t claim be know it all — I definitely don’t!

4. Help new moms instill confidence in themselves

If there’s anything that I want to do for my audience, it’s this: help new moms instill confidence in themselves.

That might be one of the most challenging things about being a new mom. Feeling confident in ourselves and believing that we’re doing what’s best.

I know that I probably spent the first three months of my son’s life just hoping I was doing the right thing. I was trying to tap into my “mom gut” and listen to my intuition.

That can be complicated even more if you find yourself in the trenches of postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety. Those are very real things, and you should definitely consult your doctor if you feel PPD may be affecting you.

I want to let new moms know that they are enough and to feel confident in their choices. You know your baby best and deep down, you know what’s best for them. Even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment, ultimately, you’ll choose what’s best for them.

5. Write a weekly blog post to help moms on their journey

Motherhood is a long and sometimes lonely road. Being a mom is hard and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. But motherhood isn’t miserable, either. It’s one of the biggest challenges and biggest rewards in life.

It is the most amazing thing to watch your little human grow, develop, and learn. To watch them start from basically a helpless lump into an individuated being is unlike anything else.

I think it’s important for moms to have other mom friends. While our single and childless friends will always be important to us, it’s essential to have a mom friend or two who understands what it’s like to be in the motherhood trenches.

At the same time, it’s also important for moms to never compare themselves to other moms — whether they know them or they are complete strangers on the internet. We have to draw a line in the sand of comparison. It’s not healthy, it’s triggering, and it can lead to unhealthy parenting behaviors.

Hey Mama Friend is here to encourage you on your motherhood journey, whatever that looks like. No two motherhood journeys are the same, and I want to celebrate the beauty and diversity of mom life.

Hey Mama Friend is here to help

I’m so excited to start this blogging journey and share my own stories of motherhood, the stories of other moms, and to just let the world know that moms are awesome.

I want to empower new moms who may feel overwhelmed, share helpful posts for new and expectant moms, recommend the best products, and help moms instill confidence in themselves, all while sharing my journey in motherhood, too.

Motherhood is not a cookie cutter situation. Each mom-child relationship is completely unique. If you have multiple children, I’m sure you know this. Motherhood is an amazing journey, and as moms we should embrace the challenge and celebrate our wins.


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