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The Best Thing I Did For My Second Pregnancy

Oct 12, 2020 | Pregnancy

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When I found out that we would be expecting a second time, I knew there would be some things that I wanted to do differently that in my first pregnancy.

There’s so much uncharted territory when you’re pregnant the first time. Not to mention that every pregnancy is different. I had heard other moms say this, but it’s one of those things that doesn’t really click until you go through it.

For example, in my first pregnancy, I worked about 25-30 hours a week. At Starbucks. Yep. How I worked up until 37 weeks pregnant at Starbucks is a story for another day, but, yes, I worked in foodservice.

This meant that I was standing and walking a lot. Due to the nature of the job, including a lot of repetitive motions, I developed numbness in my hands at around 11 weeks pregnant. The numbness did not subside until after giving birth. Also, my ankles started swelling as soon as the third trimester hit. I imagine that was due to all the standing and increasing weight.

the best thing i did for my second pregnancy

This pregnancy, I have not experienced any consistent numbness. However, there are times when my hand loses feeling, typically while sleeping. I’m thankful that this pregnancy I’m not working in foodservice. Although, I am wrangling my two-year-old son.

What I didn’t expect with my second pregnancy

I remember when I got that positive pregnancy test. I didn’t believe it. We had always wanted to have two kids, but it took us about five years to conceive our son. We went through infertility, treatments, and a whole lot of waiting. In the end, while we were on a break from fertility treatments, I got a positive pregnancy test. I was shocked.

I didn’t expect to get pregnant again just nineteen months after my son was born. We figured that it would take another couple of years. I had already started planning to save up for more fertility treatments. So it was pretty surprising to find out what we were pregnant again without any intervention, and just a year a half later.

The Best Thing I Did for My Second Pregnancy

I started working out at Burn Bootcamp about seven months before finding out I was pregnant. It took me about twelve months after my son was born to find the motivation to workout again. I knew I needed something different from what I was doing before.

I love Burn Bootcamp not only because the workouts are great and different every day, but also because they provide FREE “childwatch” which is what they call child care. Free childcare and I get to workout? It’s such a win/win!

When I found out I was pregnant, I was determined to workout for as long as I could. At the time of this post, it is 2020, the year of the Coronavirus pandemic, so it kind of threw a monkey wrench into my plans. Everyone and every business had to pivot, and I was thankful that Burn offered online and streamed workouts as gyms were closed.

Once my gym opened back up with limited capacity, ample sanitizing, and socially distanced parameters, I was really thankful to workout with other people. I worked out until 34 weeks and I plan to return hopefully around 12-16 weeks postpartum, as long as I am cleared by my doctor.

Prenatal Workouts for Second Pregnancy

I think that if you’re working out prior to becoming pregnant and continue on with your routine, you’ll feel better, have more energy, and have an easier pregnancy (insert all the usual caveats here).

One of the things that I was really worried about with being pregnant and having a toddler was being able to keep up with him. Would I be able to lift him up? Especially as my bump got bigger? Would I be able to chase after him? Would I have the energy to do any of it?

The good news is that as of this post I am 37 weeks pregnant and still keep up with my toddler. If I have the option to have my toddler to be carried by my husband I take it, but I can still carry him up the stairs, feeling a normal amount of winded for bring this pregnant. I can keep up with him on the playground, though if he takes off running, the adrenaline kicks in to catch up.

The thing with working out is that you have to find the workout that you like in order to stick with it. I really love Burn Bootcamp, even in the moments when I want to “spit tacks” (my mom uses this expression!) for the exercises we’re about to do. The workout is different every day and it’s challenging every day.

But do whatever workout works best for you, your activity level, and interests. Be sure to check with your doctor or healthcare provider to make sure you have the all-clear. Here are some workout program options to check out for your second pregnancy.

Burn Bootcamp

Barre Blend – prenatal edition

BabyFit by Amy

Bump’n Body Prenatal Workout

Not all pregnancies are created equal

It’s important to note that not all pregnancies are created equal. You may have a gnarly first pregnancy and a blissful second pregnancy. You may have an easy first pregnancy and a complicated second pregnancy.

It’s important to take your pregnancy for what it is: YOURS. It is your experience alone, so don’t feel any pressure to compare yourself to anyone else.

I share this post because I do believe that working out was the game changer for this pregnancy. I’m positive that working out gave me tons more energy that if I was doing nothing at all. I also think that working out gave me a bit of a “pass” for those times when cravings set in and I went through the McDonald’s drive thru on impulse.

But like I say on nearly every post here at Hey Mama Friend — find what works for you, whatever that may look like, and do that. Don’t worry about what other moms are doing, just focus on what works for you and your life.

the best thing i did for my second pregnancy

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