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The Best Pregnancy Products for New Moms

Sep 10, 2020 | Pregnancy

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So here’s the thing about pregnancy products. You don’t really know if they’re useful or if you might need them until you try them or until something happens that makes you click “Add to Cart.”

With this being my second pregnancy, I thought I was all set with what I still had from my first pregnancy. Then I quickly realized that I was pregnant during a different season of the year last time. This time, I would be most pregnant during the hottest time of the year, and I live in Texas.

So while I haven’t purchased a TON of new pregnancy things, here is my list of favorite pregnancy products that helped me.

best pregnancy products for moms

Top 10 Favorite Pregnancy Products

This post contains affiliate links. However, these are all products I have personally used and recommend.

Health and Wellness Pregnancy Products

Prenatals: SmartyPants gummies have been my favorite prenatal vitamin. They are a little pricier than other gummies, but I feel confident in their ingredients. I have used other non-gummy prenatal vitamins before, and I like the Garden of Life brand, though they can leave an aftertaste in your mouth.

Body Butter: Your skin stretches A LOT in pregnancy, and I don’t know if it’s the hormones or all the extra hand washing, or what, but in general my skin has been feeling extra dry. This body butter has been a saving grace and wonderful product not only for skin hydration but also keeping mosquitoes away! Normally, I’m a prime target for mosquitoes, but this body butter does some magic and repels them. It’s awesome.

Tums: In my first pregnancy, I experience major heartburn. I remember the first time it set in, I had no idea what was happening. I had never had heartburn before in my life. After chatting with a coworker about what was happening (she has two kids), I concluded it must be pregnancy-induced heartburn. After that, I carried Tums with me everywhere. I felt like I popped one in my mouth all the time. But they worked like a charm. I stuck with the regular Peppermint flavor, but there are a variety of flavors.

Stay Hydrated through Pregnancy

Water Bottle: I’ve always been a big water drinker, but especially in pregnancy it’s super important to stay well hydrated. Plus, with it being so hot in Texas from about May – September/October, I found myself taking it everywhere with me. I really like my 30-ounce Rtic tumbler. It stays cold and I use a reusable metal straw. I feel like I can keep an easier tally of how much water intake I’m getting with a 30-ounce cup.

Ginger Ale & Saltine Crackers: I feel super lucky that I did not have terrible morning sickness. I mostly just had a feeling of afternoon queasiness that set in around 5 pm. Dinner seemed unappetizing at times and my go-to remedy was ginger ale and saltine crackers.

Pregnancy Products for Comfort

Pregnancy Pillow: After about 24 weeks, the need for a pregnancy pillow sets in. It is recommended that pregnant women sleep on their left side and avoid sleeping flat on their backs. A pregnancy pillow helps with positioning and sleeping with a belly bump more comfortable. I also use an elevated wedge, so basically I’m always at an incline. It was weird at first, but I’m used to it and have sleeping been on an incline since my first pregnancy.

Enso Ring: So I don’t know about you, but in my first pregnancy, my hands and feet were swollen beyond recognition. I remember noticing my fingers starting to swell early on in pregnancy, maybe by week 12. Enter the silicone wedding band. I had heard of silicone rings before, as a safer alternative to work out in, but it became a necessity when I was pregnant. I really like wearing my wedding band, and my hand felt “naked” without a ring. I’m loving the Enso Ring brand. There are so many styles to fit just about anyone’s aesthetic.

Pregnancy & Maternity Clothing

Maternity leggings: Comfort is key in pregnancy. If you have the luxury of either working at home or staying home (vs. having to dress up to go to the office) maternity leggings will be your new best friend. After about 24 weeks, as they bump grows, you’ll feel like to you need the support of the belly panel of maternity wear. I really like Isabel Maternity for Target’s active leggings and Motherhood’s lounge leggings.

Belly Band: Depending on how fast your bump grows will determine how soon you need to purchase actual maternity clothing. A belly band helps to stretch the use of your regular clothing before you switch to maternity wear. I wore one during my first pregnancy, as I didn’t really start showing until 21 weeks and wasn’t wearing actual maternity clothes until almost 24 weeks.

Maternity Swimsuit: Last time around, I gave birth in June. So I really had no need for a maternity swimsuit. This time, I’m not due until October, and a dip in the pool certainly helps make it through a Texas summer. I’ve always been the one-piece swimsuit type. However, I tried my first two-piece, a maternity tankini, and I might have converted myself to the two-piece camp. Let’s just say it’s so much easier to use the restroom with a tankini!

*This post contains affiliate links.

When to start buying pregnancy products

When should you start buying pregnancy products? As soon as you need them! If you’re not already taking a prenatal vitamin, start taking one as soon as you find out.

You may not need maternity specific clothing until your bump starts to show or you feel like you need more support, which typically happens after you cross the halfway mark at around 20 weeks.

I know this list was not exhaustive, but it was a roundup of my favorite products that got me through my pregnancy!

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best pregnancy products for moms



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